Asset Location

Track the geo location of where all your assets are globally. Asset Force also maintains all outlet information and detail as to where all your assets are placed.


All the delivery and maintenance outcomes for your assets managed on one platform. Installs, removals, repairs, services and site surveys all managed by a click of a button.

Automated Schedule

All sanitising and maintenance jobs are now automated and managed on your behalf. Technicians in the field now never miss an asset service. Schedule setup the way your business operates.

3rd Party

No matter the business environment or asset management model of your business. Asset Force manages direct employees, sub-contractors and hybrid asset management teams.

who we are

We are a team of highly qualified and passionate experts, that created the ultimate asset management software platform to help the FMCG industry manage their brand assets better.

It's time asset management moved to a new era!
Fear not as we are here to assist.

Technical Support

Business Integration

Business Control

All people and partners in the asset management eco-system can now sing off the same hymn sheet. Data of all your business assets is now managed in one central point.

Business Integration

Asset Force is agnostic and can integrate into any ERP or legacy systems currently being used by the business. We can feed data both ways. No fret or extra cost to your current operating model. You can thank us later.

Drive Performance

Be it better brand asset penetration, saving costs, measuring asset performance or controlling outsourced 3rd parties. Asset Force has a solution built for you.

" Assetforce is a market leader in asset management "

Mobile Friendly

Manage your field staff technicians in the trade. Manages their routes, call cycles and prompts them when urgent repair or call outs have been created. All job cards completed on the app. NO MORE PAPER!

Quality Interface

Years of FMCG experience made us create the best in practise back end interface to manage all your assets.

Reporting and Dashboards

Business control and data reports have never made asset management more fun. Save costs, time and get the answers to make better decisions now.

Internet of Things

We are agnostic, we can plug into already existing IOT ecosystems or can provide you with a solution from start to finish.

Global View

Need to scale the asset management process to the rest of your business in other countries. We are the solution and allowing you to view your entire worlds assets on one portal. Though each country will run individually from each other.

Legacy Verification & Asset Confirmation

Need to verify your assets in the trade and don’t know where to start. Asset Force has a verification and asset find and trace platform module. Legacy data and getting your existing assets on the books has never been easier.




IOT Devices



Technician app

"A combination of 30 years FMCG experience with new technologies and great design to create the best in class asset management application"

User Friendly

Simple interface, intuitive and gamify the work experience for your field technicians.


Be it remote areas, or hard working conditions our app was built to understand and provide the ability to assist. Full offline & syncing capability, geo location tagging and job card completion has never been better to manage your assets.

A multi industry management platform

Global Access

The assetforce cloud-based software is available to your organisation anywhere, anytime. Users have on-demand global access through laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so productivity never slows.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based SaaS solutions offer a significantly lower up-front investment than on-premises solutions. Implementation costs are reduced, because cloud products are easy to deploy and require minimal initial and on-going involvement from your in-house IT resources. There is no need for upfront capital expenditure or upgrades, ongoing system improvements are build into the costing model.


Connected, integrated systems ensure everyone is working from the latest, most accurate information.

We've created a streamlined asset tracking and management solution.

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